Gut Check For Men Courtesy Of The Girlfriend Activation System, The Scrambler, And The Slow Fade

Man Being Rejected By A Woman

When it comes to dating, we’ve all been told that men are hunters. They love the thrill of the chase. If a woman isn’t a challenge and becomes too easy to “catch”, men quickly lose interest.

That’s definitely true. But what most men don’t realize is women love the thrill of the chase just as much.

So here’s something very important I want you to keep in mind. It’s echoed throughout many of the best online relationship courses like the Girlfriend Activation System. The words and explanation might be slightly different, but it goes something like this…

“Once a girl knows she HAS you, it’s over, and you’ll NEVER have her.”

Now, if you’re nodding in agreement, I want you to really think for a second. A lot of guys pretend to understand “the game”. But in reality, most simply don’t get it.

How do I know they don’t get it?

Because as soon as they meet an attractive woman – the totally awesome type they think could be girlfriend material – they totally turn into “man-mush” and give away all the control and power in the relationship.

And guess what? The girl ends up losing interest and hating them for it, and they can’t figure out why.

The truth is, women hate it when guys give them all the power. Of course, no woman will come right out and say it. You won’t hear her saying, “I really hate it when guys are so super easy to figure out.”

But you’ll know because everything you do will start to annoy her. Your phone calls. Your texts. Even just the thought of you.

It won’t happen fast though. Most girls are too nice to just flat out break things off with you. She won’t want to “hurt your feelings”, so instead she’ll do what is known as the “slow fade”.

The slow fade is when she pulls away little by little. She responds to your texts less and less, stops calling you names like “babe” or “hot stuff”, gives you less affection when you’re around, and prays every night that you’ll get the hint and eventually leave her alone.

Well, as my good buddy and creator of Unlock Her Legs and the Scrambler Technique, Bobby Rio, says, “F*CK the slow fade!”

Women want you to have the power. They want you to be the MAN in the relationship. You have to snatch the power in the relationship from the very beginning and not let it go.

Girls want to have to put in the effort to grab a guy’s attention and keep him interested. The hair, the makeup, the perfume. She wants to have to work to be super sexy to keep you turned on and your eyes (and hands) off other women.

She wants those challenges. She wants to work to get you. She wants you to keep the power and avoid the relationship traps and “tests” she puts in front of you.

When you finally meet a girl you really like and want to turn her into your girlfriend, giving up your power is the last thing you want to do. The Girlfriend Activation System devotes an entire module to being a challenge which you can read about over at Unlock Her Legs centers around a technique called the Scrambler, designed to keep women guessing and constantly thinking about you.

If the world’s top seducers are teaching this stuff, why aren’t you using it?

F*CK the slow fade! Do this instead…